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An easy to learn and fun game, with strategic choices to make between collecting eggs and spending them for defences. This push-your-luck card game is for 2-6 players (suitable for aged 7+) and takes approx. 20 minutes. The pack contains 96 cards and an instruction sheet.

The aim of the game is to collect as many eggs as you can in your ‘basket pile’; avoiding being attacked by foxes or infested by rats. The person with the most eggs at the end of the game will win. If you have no chickens and cannot pay for another one, then you are out of the game.

This is our original first print game published by Watky Games. Designed by Steve Hopkins, it is printed locally in the UK.

Some of our customers who’ve bought/backed and played this have said:

“Great game and lots of fun to play … my kids have really taken to this! Beautiful art and a nicely crafted game!” (Guy, Kickstarter Backer)

“Received and it was a hit at family game night! Thank you for an excellent game!” (Jennifer, Kickstarter Backer)

“This is an excellent little game. I love the simple but unique mechanics and yet how thinky this can get without ever being really heavy. I play it with everyone, gamers or non-gamers and just about everyone is fascinated and enjoys. You have to watch your opponents to balance that always tricky aspect of when to save eggs and when to buy good cards with them. Always a joy to bring to the table.” (BGG user)

“I’ve backed a lot of games, and to date this is almost certainly the one we’ve played the most. It’s so easy to teach, and the art is one of my favorites. Game play is great. They packed a lot into a small game. There is always the tension between spending eggs for protection and saving them to the fridge as we call it. The best mechanic is the draw per chicken rule. Having extra chickens is great, especially early on, but later you just can’t keep them alive. I like how you have to watch your opponents and adapt to what they are doing. Games and strategy can be very different depending on how protectively your opponents are. Very well done. It was obviously well play tested because it is very well balanced. The only slight negative is that sometimes you get a fox right away and go out almost right away.” (James, Kickstarter Backer)

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